Inspiring Biographies – Miss Jean Louis

Miss Jean Louis was born on July 28th 1887, in a hut in Khor Angar, in the dirt. Midwifed into the world kicking and screaming and that is how I shall leave. Death to normalcy!

She won several prices, the Grand Prize – „Bacon Blouse Global Contest“ 2011, the Grand Prize – „My House is K***“ Contest 2011 and the Grand Prize – „Best Annoyed Look“ 2011.
Now she is the babysitter of the well known actor Misha Collins.

Every Gisher knows her and we all are looking forward to her mails, but fear her Commandments. This years Commandments were very harsh – but one of them struck everyone down. K*** was banned from the hunt. No Gisher should be allowed, to use the word or the object. Therefor the word K*** ist further called, Vegetable, that should not be named (V.T.S.N.B.N. ).

We made some research and found out a disturbing truth about the V.T.S.N.B.N. and Miss Jean Luis.
Like everyone knows Miss Jean Louis had an obsession for the V.T.S.N.B.N. which on his climax led to the Grand Prize in the „my house is K***“ Competition. But here the Problems started – after that she could never live up to this highlight in the relationship with the healthy green. No Smoothie or Chips could bring back this strong feelings she had for V.T.S.N.B.N. So they began to spread, but she didn’t want it that way, she fought – every item including the V.T.S.N.B.N. was a try to get back together and it worked every picture including the superfood brought them a little bit closer again. Finally in 2015 it seemed like everything was fine again an Miss Jean Louis begann see a bright future with V.T.S.N.B.N. again.

Well, by that time she didn’t know what had happened the year before, had she, the Superfood would have been banned in 2015. It would have never been uncovered if there wouldn’t have been major maintenance works on the gishwhes page.

They had to clean out old pictures – they did it way more thorough than the year before, and so a picture, that should have never ever be seen again appeared. Somehow the CIA found it on Misha Collins Computer and it was, for whatever reason saved in the Gishwhes-Archives. Miss Jean Louis was shocked when she saw it, her Superfood on someone elses bed – in an explicit pose, that could not be missinterpreted. We saw the picture, when we did our research, but it was so shocking, we couldn’t show it in a uncensored way.


After seeing this disturbin evidence of The healthy green betraiing Miss Jean Louis we fully understand herdesicion to bad it from the hunt and will help her to detect violators.